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"Sacred spaces can be created in any environment."                                                                - Christy Turlington 

Creative Services

All spectacular events start with a design concept and have stunning set and decor. We can work with any budget to create an event to remember. From minimalistic design to full fantasy, we can construct the dramatic backdrop worthy of Oscars!

  • Interior design

  • Space planning

  • Faux painting

  • Furniture/fixture procurement

  • Staging

  • Tablescape

  • Holiday decorating

Remember Aunt Oda's plastic covered couch and that faint moth ball odor of the hallway? Yep, me too. Obviously, we all respond to our environment, why not make the most of first impressions and let your space speak on your behalf. Whether it's an event, your business space, or your home. We can help make it (and you) shine!

Interior Design
Office/Studio Organization 

Do you havean amazing office 

space but can't seem to get any work done? Or perhaps, you're wanting to turn a spare bedroom into your dream studio. Or maybe your garage is so full you've been parking in the driveway for years. We can get you started, help you along, or do it all.  With our help, you'll finally feel inspired to unleash your inner artist or at least be able to pull your car into the garage. 

  • Office/studio space planning 

  • Room/ shed/garage organization

  • Interior design

  • Retail merchandising

  • Window display

  • Room staging

  • Food/prop styling

Visual Merchandising

I have a distinct memory of being 10 years old and walking into a Macy's store one balmy Dec afternoon and seeing a display of a wing back chair and ottoman set by a fireplace with a tree in the corner. On the table was an empty coffee cup and on the ottoman was a blanket casually draped over one corner as if it had been tossed aside so you could stand up and put more wood on fire. Next to the blanket was the newspaper, folded in a way that you could clearly see whomever had been sitting there was reading the comics. Perhaps to the child that had been playing with the pudgy teddy bear and the toy truck that lay near by on the floor.

My father and I stood side by side staring silently at that display. After a few moments he said, "Your grandfather used to have a chair like that and he would read me the comics every Sunday morning". Before we left the store, my father had purchased the bear, the blanket, and the coffee. 

  • Creative consultation

  • ​Organization assistance

  • Coordinate cleaning services

  • Interior design staging

  • Realtor acquisition

Are you trying to sell your home

and make it attractive to potential buyers? We can help you declutter and get your home on the fast track to sold. Or perhaps you want to explore the idea of turning your current rental into a vacation rental.  We can help you re-design your space to make it attract the the ideal renter. We can also provide you with the ambiance tricks of the trade that will make potential buyers swoon.

House Staging
Party Planning
  • Menu/shopping planning

  • Invitation assistance

  • ​Activity planning

  • Chef/caterer acquisition

  • Cleaning service acquisition

  • Table scaping

  • Floral arranging

Are you hosting a birthday party for your boss's 8 year old? Or perhaps you would love to show your mother-in-law that you can have a successful career and throw a fabulous dinner party. We can help you plan the meal, organize activities, and teach you the ins and outs of creating the perfect seating arrangment. From intimate meals to 8 course dinners, we'll help you plan, execute, and deliver. We'll even dress your table and hire a cleaning service to return your kitchen back to normal.

Contact us today for a free consultation: 828.398.0565 . 

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