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"Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth."                                                                                               - Rumi

Our Philosophy

We believe in us. Us as in you, me and the guy who owns the store down the street. We want you to be successful, but more importantly, we want you to thrive. Why? Because there is strength in numbers and when you succeed, we succeed.

We believe in inspiration, motivation and success.

We believe in the whole systems approach to business (and living). This means we care about the business, the people behind the business and how those people feel about their business. We know that when we feel good, we do good.

We believe in integrity, authenticity and sustainability.
We believe in community – in our neighborhoods, our industries and in our world. We believe in supporting our elders and fostering our youth. We know the power of receiving and we are grateful to be able to pay it forward. Why? Because when we are successful, we inspire others to become successful.

We believe in service, dedication and connection.

What We Do

We offer a variety of services so we can serve as many people as possible. Why? Because just like people have different needs, businesses also have different needs - Some businesses need an extra pair of hands to accomplish a project and some businesses need full-on re-organization. We can provide it all and if by chance we can’t – We can definitely point you in the right direction. Regardless if you are a one-person show, a corporation or a non-profit – We can help you be successful and stay successful.

Who We Are

We are movers and shakers. We are networkers. We are collaborators. We are passionate about bringing people together. We want to help you succeed. We are business savvy. We have served in restaurants, nightclubs, high-end boutiques, holistic retreat centers, spas, design firms, organic farms, law offices, cabaret bars and yoga studios. We have made beds, served beer, fed the homeless, fundraised for children and furry faces, produced events, passed state boards, sold advertising, managed hostels, crunched numbers and scrubbed toilets. We have held titles of project manager, marketing director, waitress, wedding planner, visual merchandiser director, world traveller, interior designer, massage therapist, event director, artist, sales manager and teacher. This means we have a wealth of knowledge and a huge toolbox to help you merge your passion with your business; or take your business to the next level. We’re efficient, accountable and professional.

Sparrow Junction, LLC

is an event, marketing and consulting firm based in Asheville, NC. We provide local and distance services and support to businesses in the events, retail, the arts, spa and the health & wellness industries. We offer the full array of marketing and event production services from planning to production through delivery for private parties and weddings to conferences, festivals and large-scale productions. Our clients are located throughout WNC, Florida, New York, Arizona and Costa Rica.
We are passionate about creating sustainable business models by implementing viable business practices and we are committed to projects that inspire, motivate, teach and promote wellness, love and personal development. 

Contact us today for a free consultation: 828.398.0565 . 

© 2013 by Sparrow Junction, LLC. All rights reserved.    

Proudly Serving WNC, FL, NY, AZ, and Costa Rica

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