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Workshops & Retreats

"When enriched with experience, knowledge blossoms into wisdom."
Anil Sinha



Sparrow Junction's sister company, Samadhi Productions produces several holistic workshops and wellness retreats within Western North Carolina and at select international venues. 



Past Workshops


                      Creating Your Own Medicine Wheel


                                                              Do you feel stress in your life?

                                                              Are you held back by limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you?

                                                              Are you constantly in a battle within your love life?             

                                                              Do you feel you have a creative block that needs to be released?

                                                              Do you want to learn to create you own tool box of healing modalities?




This is an interactive workshop of art, meditation, sound healing, and spa; all while teaching self-care and holding you accountable for your own healing practice.


There will also be a section in Erosology wherein we approach the different levels of love leading up to the nourishment of self-love, igniting passion, and how it applies to having a healthy relationship with another.


Special Introductory Price! All for only $25 in kind donation ... I know right?! There is a limited amount of space available at this price, when you take part in the focus-group afterwards. (This is also the last time you will see it at this price. It is regularly offered at $150 and up.) Brought to you by Lucretia VanDyke and Jaymii Liehr of Sparrow Junction.


For more information, email or call Lucretia at & 704.692.0565





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